Guided tour

Guided tour

The up to date running units and the high skilled staff allow BB spa to satisfy any customer's request, in a very short delivery time.
The Company can plan and carry out the prototype, can produce short runs or high volumes, still keeping a high standard quality.
BB spa can make any kind of surface treatment to supply the end product as per the customer's requirement. This is possible thanks to the cooperation with the other Companies of the BB Holding Group, such as Auralia and Progecta.

The plant is divided in several units. The Turning-Unit is equipped with CNC sliding headstock lathes with opposite mandrels, able to work on 9 axis, CNC motorized lathes with opposite mandrels and CNC traditional lathes. All lathes have an automatic bar-feeder, the bar way diameter is from 2 to 100mm, working-dimension is from 1 to 100mm, keeping high precision and quality performances.

The Milling Unit is equipped with horizontal job centers at numeric control, some of them, with a turning mandrian speed until 40000 rounds/min. and a 4° axis, indicated for engraving jobs, some with automatic and overturning sheet feeder, some else with a pallet change indicated for high volumes.
More than this, the BB spa owns a full working-area equipped with machines for cutting, engraving and laser welding.

The partnership with Auralia (member of the BB Holding) makes BB spa meet the customer's needs by offering galvanic surface-treatments in basins up to 2500 L for gold, ruthenium, palladium plating and by providing assembling-jobs.

At BB spa next to the production departments, there are offices where project managers, checking employees and the quality-check inspectors share their skills to the neverending research of the excellence. For the special machines the Company owns, the internal quality-Lab can make test of effort and wear, while project managers can use sensor laser to learn a surface dimension or use CAD CAM plan-workstations.

The Sampling-department of the Company gives a constant check at any developing stage of a project.

So BB spa is your reliable patner, which guarantees an accurate, quick and always more complete service, not only by planning and running metal small details but also actively participating to their development.
The main strenght of the Company is the care for details, this is seen in any working-room of the company and this makes the visitor feel comfort like home and in total tune with the production philosophy of the Company BB spa.

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